Yandex Issues Link Penalty


Yandex is a Russian based Internet company, which operates the largest search engine in the region. In fact, over half the Internet users in that country use the Yandex search engine. It is probably similar in popularity to Google in other parts of the world. Recently, Yandex tightened the reins on websites. They heavily penalized those websites that were purchasing their links to help them obtain a higher search engine ranking.

The name of the link penalty is AGS. Buying links to obtain a higher ranking with the top search engines like Yandex will negatively affect their ranking in this popular search engine, until further notice. Official sources also report that the penalty affects all sites that participate in purchasing links to obtain higher and more favorable search engine rankings. Therefore, small sites to large corporate sites are equally affected. One official reported that several hundred sites were affected by this new AGS penalty rule.

Google is a search engine that is known for issuing penalties against sites that use artificial ways to obtain higher search engine rankings. However, Google has not initiated any new rules concerning penalizing exaggerated linking on websites.

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