Ten Valuable Questions for Your Prospective SEO Company


When it come to engaging any SEO company, you will have to do some groundwork to make sure that you are getting the best out of your marketing budget. But how do you classify or know if the SEO company is of any good?

Below are the 10 valuable questions for your prospective SEO company.

1. May I have a list of your past and current clients?

This type of list will help you know what type of clients your prospective SEO company normally deals with. By knowing this information you’ll be able to better guess if they will work well with your company.

2. What is your experience in content production, social media optimization, and the technical aspects of SEO work?

SEO can be considered a bit of an art but it still requires a lot of knowledge in various categories. None of the basic elements of SEO will ever work well without strong and consistent content creation. Right along with this is social media. This type of communication can’t be ignored for building relationships. The networking and exposure to potential clients is paramount.

Seo may be an art but at least a general knowledge of the technical aspects of SEO is helpful. Some companies will outsource for this type of work but it’s valuable to have something in house as well.

3. Do you follow search engine rules? How do you adjust to changes in these guidelines and algorithms over time?

Google is known for adjusting its rules, guidelines, and the method of its algorithms. Knowledge of these changes is critical because it can change how well your website and company are doing in rank. Even more importantly not following the specific rules set out by Google or other search engines can lead to penalties leaving you extremely low in ranking. If the infraction is serious enough your website can be banned entirely from showing up at all.

4. What types of changes will you make to my website and how will you communicate these with me?

For optimal SEO changes are almost always need to any website. Knowing what changes are being made can help you see how this company is truly benefiting you. It’s important to know if they can’t explain these changes or don’t want to alert you when these need to happen.

5. What types of guarantees do you offer based on your services?

Any company that promises or guarantees any kind of specific result is one to watch out for. Because SEO is an art and not a science results can often vary. There is no step by step way to get to number one in search. A good company will a positive outlook with honesty.

6. What changes and adjustments do you make for each individual client?

While most companies have some basic things in common, it’s important to have a custom plan for you. As an example a bakery will have far different needs than a pet grooming store. A good SEO company will start with a basic but flexible foundation and customize a plan for each project.

7. What are your fees and payment schedule?

This may seem like the most obvious of all the questions but answers can be deceptive. Most companies require a retainer that can range widely in price. Still other companies may have extra fees for additional services and sometimes even hidden fees. Knowing this information before you sign a contract will help avoid being blindsided later.

8. How experienced are you with optimizing local search engine ratings?

Getting known locally is incredibly helpful and a good way to get started gaining business. The local population are more likely to be repeat customers. This can also lead the pathway toward a wider market.

9. How involved are you in the SEO community?

SEO companies work best by communicating with each other on new ideas and concepts. No one can come up with everything on their own. This willingness to be transparent can only be helpful to the creative process that is SEO. The benefits to you because of this are numerous.

10. What happens with my content after I am done with your services?

You shouldn’t focus solely on what happens while you are employing an SEO service. Question if you’ll be retaining ownership of your content as this could lead to quite a big mess down the road. Getting this red tape out of the way in the beginning will prevent a major headache later.


It is extremely important to ask these 10 questions to make sure that they are obeying Google’s guideline. Else down the road, your website might get penalized or worst still being de-indexed by Google. Your website is your “online shop” and should be something to be treasure and look after with care.

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