iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Review


The latest offering from Apple is finally here. But what features  are must have in this latest iPhone?

After yearning to have a bigger screen with the Apple iOS features for years and hopping on to other phone brands, the buyers have finally been served with a 5.5-inch screen in iPhone 6s and 6s plus.

The S-Phones have captured the market well, even though most users did not find any major change from iPhone 6 in the newer ones in terms of outer design. If one looks at the 6s and 6s plus models closely, the changes in the physical design are to name a few. The glass screen is more shatter-resistant is made of better aluminimum layer that will protect the phone from bending.

Also, both 6s and 6s plus have longer shelf life and designed with much faster processors.

3D Pressure sensitive touch will leave you impressed(Subhead)

iPhone 6s and 6s plus also have 3D touch feature, a first among smartphones. The 3D touch features makes the new phones pressure sensitive. This is the key new feature in the new phones that has added a whole new layer to the iOS. Apple has earlier tried these features in its other products but not phones.

The 3D touch works with a web of sensors placed below the screen. These sensors work by tracking distance between backlight and the front glass. The phone functions on the basis of the amount of pressure laid on the screen. The harder you press it, the more it responds. In fact, this feature can assist visually impaired users as well—bringing a magnificent combination of hardware and software.

But be prepared to hold a much heavier phone (Subhead)

The phones have been giving a tough time to users in holding them in hand. The newer ones are much heavier with plastic blobs that result into slippery. Both iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are heavier and thicker too that each of the predecessors.

What has changed (from iPhone 6 to iPhone 6s and 6s Plus)

  • Weight: newer ones heavier
  • Glass screen: stronger
  • Processor: faster
  • 3D touch: Unique feature

So are you planning to get your own iPhone 6s this time?

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