What Will You See On Your Screen in 2016?

The aesthetics of websites in 2015 have evolved to be just as important as the information they contained. With the onslaught of shorter attention spans and trigger fingers, it matters how strong first impressions are. This article discusses the most prevailing website trends of 2015 and predicts whether 2016 will share the same sentiments.

  1. Simplistic Feel

Over the years, websites have developed with ease of navigation as a primary feature. With the emergence of minimalism in web design, menus have become missing in preference for longer scrolling, navigation bars have remained fixed, and layouts have become flat and static. This seems to be a lasting trend that might keep on going for a couple more years. We’ll definitely be seeing more ghost buttons in the year to come.

  1. Typography Blues

Inside these ghost buttons will be words in the most up and coming font styles. We probably saw as much bold typography as we could intake on headers in the past year. In 2016, we will continue to see this trend morph into even bolder designs to counter minimalistic layouts. The power of typography will continue to play a forceful role in capturing the navigator. After all, there’s nothing like a commanding caption with a calligraphic composition.

  1. Photobombed Pages

Speaking of composition, 2015 was all about enormous custom photo backdrops, photo galleries, photo slideshows, and photo anything. In short, websites have been literally photo bombed. The average person has become an amateur photo subject, and practically anyone who has a smartphone is a potential professional photographer. No doubt this trend will continue next year with more compelling, creative, and unique story-driven shots.

  1. One More Story, Please

A photograph may speak a thousand words, and websites tend to spell those out completely. Blogging has transformed from a trend to a fad as anyone these days can create a blog site on any topic imaginable. People have a lot to say, and blogs have been the ultimate solution to that. Content-specific sites have gone up in numbers and so has reality-TV type pages, where the audience can witness the page author’s every move. Stories are a great way to deliver content and to captivate the site visitor. Will we be reading more stories in 2016? Pretty sure we will be.

In general, the trends we’ve seen so far this year will more than likely make it to next year, whether with a twist or not. There’s no fretting needed as these trends are actually smart and practical. Who doesn’t want to look at pictures and read stories anyway? So keep scrolling, friends. Just keep on scrolling.