iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Review

The latest offering from Apple is finally here. But what features  are must have in this latest iPhone?

After yearning to have a bigger screen with the Apple iOS features for years and hopping on to other phone brands, the buyers have finally been served with a 5.5-inch screen in iPhone 6s and 6s plus.

The S-Phones have captured the market well, even though most users did not find any major change from iPhone 6 in the newer ones in terms of outer design. If one looks at the 6s and 6s plus models closely, the changes in the physical design are to name a few. The glass screen is more shatter-resistant is made of better aluminimum layer that will protect the phone from bending.

Also, both 6s and 6s plus have longer shelf life and designed with much faster processors.

3D Pressure sensitive touch will leave you impressed(Subhead)

iPhone 6s and 6s plus also have 3D touch feature, a first among smartphones. The 3D touch features makes the new phones pressure sensitive. This is the key new feature in the new phones that has added a whole new layer to the iOS. Apple has earlier tried these features in its other products but not phones.

The 3D touch works with a web of sensors placed below the screen. These sensors work by tracking distance between backlight and the front glass. The phone functions on the basis of the amount of pressure laid on the screen. The harder you press it, the more it responds. In fact, this feature can assist visually impaired users as well—bringing a magnificent combination of hardware and software.

But be prepared to hold a much heavier phone (Subhead)

The phones have been giving a tough time to users in holding them in hand. The newer ones are much heavier with plastic blobs that result into slippery. Both iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are heavier and thicker too that each of the predecessors.

What has changed (from iPhone 6 to iPhone 6s and 6s Plus)

  • Weight: newer ones heavier
  • Glass screen: stronger
  • Processor: faster
  • 3D touch: Unique feature

So are you planning to get your own iPhone 6s this time?

Ten Valuable Questions for Your Prospective SEO Company

When it come to engaging any SEO company, you will have to do some groundwork to make sure that you are getting the best out of your marketing budget. But how do you classify or know if the SEO company is of any good?

Below are the 10 valuable questions for your prospective SEO company.

1. May I have a list of your past and current clients?

This type of list will help you know what type of clients your prospective SEO company normally deals with. By knowing this information you’ll be able to better guess if they will work well with your company.

2. What is your experience in content production, social media optimization, and the technical aspects of SEO work?

SEO can be considered a bit of an art but it still requires a lot of knowledge in various categories. None of the basic elements of SEO will ever work well without strong and consistent content creation. Right along with this is social media. This type of communication can’t be ignored for building relationships. The networking and exposure to potential clients is paramount.

Seo may be an art but at least a general knowledge of the technical aspects of SEO is helpful. Some companies will outsource for this type of work but it’s valuable to have something in house as well.

3. Do you follow search engine rules? How do you adjust to changes in these guidelines and algorithms over time?

Google is known for adjusting its rules, guidelines, and the method of its algorithms. Knowledge of these changes is critical because it can change how well your website and company are doing in rank. Even more importantly not following the specific rules set out by Google or other search engines can lead to penalties leaving you extremely low in ranking. If the infraction is serious enough your website can be banned entirely from showing up at all.

4. What types of changes will you make to my website and how will you communicate these with me?

For optimal SEO changes are almost always need to any website. Knowing what changes are being made can help you see how this company is truly benefiting you. It’s important to know if they can’t explain these changes or don’t want to alert you when these need to happen.

5. What types of guarantees do you offer based on your services?

Any company that promises or guarantees any kind of specific result is one to watch out for. Because SEO is an art and not a science results can often vary. There is no step by step way to get to number one in search. A good company will a positive outlook with honesty.

6. What changes and adjustments do you make for each individual client?

While most companies have some basic things in common, it’s important to have a custom plan for you. As an example a bakery will have far different needs than a pet grooming store. A good SEO company will start with a basic but flexible foundation and customize a plan for each project.

7. What are your fees and payment schedule?

This may seem like the most obvious of all the questions but answers can be deceptive. Most companies require a retainer that can range widely in price. Still other companies may have extra fees for additional services and sometimes even hidden fees. Knowing this information before you sign a contract will help avoid being blindsided later.

8. How experienced are you with optimizing local search engine ratings?

Getting known locally is incredibly helpful and a good way to get started gaining business. The local population are more likely to be repeat customers. This can also lead the pathway toward a wider market.

9. How involved are you in the SEO community?

SEO companies work best by communicating with each other on new ideas and concepts. No one can come up with everything on their own. This willingness to be transparent can only be helpful to the creative process that is SEO. The benefits to you because of this are numerous.

10. What happens with my content after I am done with your services?

You shouldn’t focus solely on what happens while you are employing an SEO service. Question if you’ll be retaining ownership of your content as this could lead to quite a big mess down the road. Getting this red tape out of the way in the beginning will prevent a major headache later.


It is extremely important to ask these 10 questions to make sure that they are obeying Google’s guideline. Else down the road, your website might get penalized or worst still being de-indexed by Google. Your website is your “online shop” and should be something to be treasure and look after with care.

5 Tips Pick the Best Online Advertising Channel

Globally, businesses have many ways and places that can be used to market products. A small business owner or mid-sized business owner need to decide how to budget and use the available resources to sell their products. The use of traditional print advertisement or even digital advertisement can be expensive. Below are the tips to use for the best advertising channel;

Create Facebook business page for advertisement

Most people spend their time in Facebook page. The more business owners interact with the page, the more likelihood their friends will be able to see it and increase the awareness. It provides an enormous opportunity for business operation. You can target local clients by displaying your ads after or before meals. It doesn’t waste time like other traditional media.

Post to Pinterest and Instagram

If you are selling visual products, it will be significant if you consider posting the image of your product to the Pinterest or Instagram. Most women like Pinterest and Instagram and are more visual than men. You can post products that suit woman specifically between the ages of 18 to 70. Posting is free; therefore you can save a lot.

Take advantage of Social Media

Select one social media platform that your clients engage mostly in it. It can either be Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn and start presenting your product there. It is done by generating an account, and share your products, or engaging with the community. Be always frequent and relevant to your clients.

Administer webinars

Webinars can see a 75 percent recovery effect compared with those that view the live broadcast or a new individual. This channel is more interactive to clients. Ensure your webinar is rich with content, well organized that is relevant to the targeted clients.

Dominate email marketing and email prompt

When you are using a Facebook contest, you can increase the number of clients by engaging them by the use of your email subscriber list of engaged customers. Also be sending a reminder through email when you have a special offer.

As a modern business operator, you need to know your potential customers who spend most of their time on your website. Your clients are the foundation for your marketing struggle. If your budget allows you to engage both the tips, then it’s your time to market your products effectively with limited competition.

Yandex Issues Link Penalty

Yandex is a Russian based Internet company, which operates the largest search engine in the region. In fact, over half the Internet users in that country use the Yandex search engine. It is probably similar in popularity to Google in other parts of the world. Recently, Yandex tightened the reins on websites. They heavily penalized those websites that were purchasing their links to help them obtain a higher search engine ranking.

The name of the link penalty is AGS. Buying links to obtain a higher ranking with the top search engines like Yandex will negatively affect their ranking in this popular search engine, until further notice. Official sources also report that the penalty affects all sites that participate in purchasing links to obtain higher and more favorable search engine rankings. Therefore, small sites to large corporate sites are equally affected. One official reported that several hundred sites were affected by this new AGS penalty rule.

Google is a search engine that is known for issuing penalties against sites that use artificial ways to obtain higher search engine rankings. However, Google has not initiated any new rules concerning penalizing exaggerated linking on websites.